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FLAWLESS ALLURE GROWN DIAMONDS is your one-stop-shop for all certified and un-certified Lab-Grown DIAMONDS in colorless and fancy colors.


Flawless Allure Grown Diamonds, a part of the Indus Global Group is based on the splendored soil of India, the nation that introduced the world to various famous diamonds and is home to an ample of skilled craftsmen and gem-cutters. In addition, India is also recognized for its entrepreneurial expertise, fast developing technology and marketing machinery.

With a reputation of quality, trust and on time delivery, for the last 40 years Indus Global Group have been winning customers and developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in varied industries from diamonds to construction and infrastructure.

In lab - grown diamonds, the group saw an opportunity to transform and develop an entire industry from the primary sector to the tertiary sector. In 2007, they ventured in to this exciting industry and created a truly 'labs' to 'market' company. Flawless Allure Grown Diamonds has since created expertise in the entire value chain, from crystal growth to designing & manufacturing of jewellery.

We are proud to offer an entire range of lab - grown diamonds from 0.005 ct. to 5.00 cts in (D-I) in a wide variety of colors. We are also one of the few lab - grown diamond companies to offer an entire spectrum of goods and services, under one location.

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All Flawless Allure Grown Diamonds are certified by International Gemmological Institute (IGI) or Gemmological Institute of India (GII), world-class independent gemmological laboratories. IGI is globally recognized for its excellence in diamond grading and identification. In addition, every certificate explicitly mentions the 4 Cs of the diamond and its lab-grown origin. The certificate number is laser-inscribed on the corresponding diamond's girdle and may be read under 10x magnification



Flawless Allure Grown Diamond's rough diamonds are created by scientists, engineers and technicians in safe and controlled laboratories. Thereafter, skilled cutters in state-of the-art polishing facilities transform those roughs into brilliant cut gems. It is ensured that none of the facilities employ child-labour and follow best business practices to reduce their carbon footprint. So, when you purchase a Flawless Allure Grown Diamond, you are sure that it has been created with fair trade as its core value.


A lab-grown diamond (also known as man-made, lab-created, cultured or cultivated diamond) is created in a controlled laboratory environment as opposed to an underground mine. The process is human-controlled rather than geological.

However, the end-product is a real diamond in every sense. All the physical, chemical, optical and atomic properties of a lab-grown diamond are identical to those of a naturally-mined one. It is also graded by gemmological institutes on the 4 Cs used for naturally mined diamonds.Truth be told, it is an impeccable, financially savvy alternative to naturally mined diamonds.

A microscopic diamond seed is set in carbon-rich conditions inside a growth chamber. Using Flawless Allure Grown Diamond's exclusive growth technique, the seed develops into a rough diamond, which is then master-crafted into a lovely, sparkling precious stone.

Human intervention is limited to placing a diamond seed in a conducive, carbon-rich and dust-free environment. Once the growth process starts, nature takes over. Did you know that just like human fingerprints, no two lab-grown diamonds are the same!

These lab-grown diamonds are authentic in every sense. All their physical, chemical, optical and atomic properties are identical to those of naturally-mined diamonds. This is unlike diamond simulants such as moissanites, CZ, YAG, etc., which are not actual diamonds but merely resemble them.

No two lab-grown diamonds are identical; in fact, it is impossible to create replicas. Therefore, each diamond is unique and rare.

All diamonds are commonly evaluated on 4 factors: cut, color, clarity and carat. Together, these are popularly known as the 4 Cs.

Cut: The way a diamond has been cut and polished; its symmetry and proportions are completely dependent on human intervention. The cut is a significant factor in determining the gem's brilliance and value and is arguably the most important criteria to consider while making a selection.

Color: Diamonds come in a range of colors: from colorless to yellow; brown to gray. A diamond is compared to a globally accepted master set to determine its color value. The range spans from the most sought-after colorless, D; to the least desirable color, Z. Deeply saturated hues occur in colored diamonds, the most intense of which are graded as "fancy" and sell for higher prices. So, a colorless diamond will be most expensive followed by a fancy color followed by a light color. A color chart has been given below for your reference.

We at FlawlessAllure believe in providing the best lab-grown diamonds to clients at suitable prices. Our skilled-force offer colourless and fancy-coloured diamonds to destinations such as Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Germany, South Africa. Apart from these nations, we also cater to:

  • USA, Australia & Canada
  • South East Asia - Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan
  • Middle East - UAE, United Kingdom, France, Spain

To make the purchasing process transparent, each diamond that makes its way from Flawless Allure's Grown Diamonds laboratory to your ornament is certified by International Gemological Institute (IGI), a world-class, independent gemological laboratory. IGI is globally recognized for its excellence in diamond grading and identification. Each certificate explicitly mentions the 4Cs of the diamonds, assures full disclosure and guarantees their origin and conflict-free nature.

Besides, each Flawless Allure Grown Diamonds certified lab-grown diamond is laser-inscribed with a unique identification number, which matches its respective certificate, on its girdle. Worry not; this number will not diminish the beauty of your gem! It can only be seen under powerful magnification but acts like a safety net for your investment.

Human interaction in creating lab-grown diamonds is limited to the introduction of the diamond seed in the growth chamber and ensuring a dust-free environment. Once the growth chamber is activated, nature takes over the growth process. There are so many factors that affect the final-outcome of the crystal that it is very difficult to control them all and the long growth period adds to the challenge.

Therefore, just like its mined counterpart, each lab-grown diamond is unique. The value of each lab-grown diamond is determined on the evaluation of its 4 Cs.

We Care

Flawless Allure Grown Diamonds spends 10% of it's profits each year on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities related to Tribal (Aborigin) Healthcare, Education & Vocational Training in under-developed countries.

These initiatives are aimed at improving the overall life of these people who have been deprived of any government aid, due to either their remote locations or government apathy.


Rural Hospitals, Rural Out-reach Healthcare Camps, Rural Primary and Secondary Schools, Rural College for Higher Studies, Rural Girls Hostel, Rural Educational Scholarships, Rural Educational Loans, Distribution of Subsidised Educational Aids &Rural Vocational Training Programs.

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